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Mattresses For Every Body

Coil spring, Pocket Sping, Memory Foam, Orthopedic

A Mattress for every body !

Firm, Medium, Soft, Memory Foam, Reflex Foam, Pocket Sprung, Orthopedic and Latex Gel Mattresses - we have every type, size, model and colour you could want, at the best prices guaranteed.

There is one piece of furniture that makes or breaks a good night’s sleep – your mattress!

The selection of beds and mattresses seems endless, and that’s where we can help. Come in store and try for comfort and size. Don't be tempted to buy online, as you don't know what you are getting ! From size to type – there is just so much to choose from.

Bargains and special deals can be found in our Washington store ... so what are you waiting for?


Available mattress sizes:

Single mattress, Small double mattress, Double mattress, King size mattress and Super king size mattress

Mattress Tension

Mattresses come as soft, medium, and firm. It really is about personal taste when it comes to finding the right mattress tension for you. The same mattress can feel very different to different-sized people - so make sure you both come to the showroom to try out for comfort.

Mattress Types

Coil spring mattresses are fairly inexpensive and rather firm as they are held together by a wire to retain their shape.

Pocket sprung mattress respond to body weight differently based on your individual needs - the springs keep the mattress rather firm.

Memory Foam mattresses are becoming more and more popular. It’s the ideal mattress for allergy sufferers as they are hypo-allergenic. They feel rather firm, but are soft.

Orthopedic mattresses support the joints, back and overall body. Many people suffering from back pain feel that an orthopedic mattress ease their pain.